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Tweet3: Strong editorial polices
speed you to the Hazelwood cure


hazelwoodcolorDevelop strong editorial policies that protect students, administrators and community. #25HZLWD

Once you have established yourselves as forums, the next step is to design clear and concise policies that protect student final decision-making for your media, and that help protect the school system and community from harm. The best policy can protect you from many illnesses, including Hazelwood, and will go a long way to speed you to the Hazelwood Cure. A bad policy can be worse than the plague..

Many models of policies exist. It is important for you to have a consistent policy across all your student media.

In addition to information below, a myriad of other support on policies exists on the  SPLC website and on JEA’s Scholastic Press Rights Commission site.


 Resources for developing sound policies
JEA statement on prior review
Steps for developing edit policies

Double-edged sword of policies
SPLC model editorial policy 
Press Rights Commission PowerPoint on edit policies

JEA model edit policy
First Amendment Schools sample policies and information
• Good policies establish credibility

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