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School Publications Become School History


Recently my husband and I attended his high school class reunion.. Everyone was glad to see old friends especially those who had traveled across the country to attend. These reunions are something you high school students can’t really imagine, but you need to take care.
Reunions always feature a memorabilia table covered with all sorts of “stuff” but prominently featured are always high school newspapers and yearbooks from “their year.”
You may not think of your senior year as “your year,” but, believe me, it is for all time as far as your school is concerned.
So, whenever, you are tired and want to go home early on layout night or wonder if all the time and work it takes to write an in depth story is worth it, remember that you and your friends will be looking at it at least every five or ten years for the rest of your life. School newspapers and yearbooks become the historical record of that school year.
Also, when senior picture time comes around, put on your best smile. I can guarantee you, it will be on your name badge at every reunion.
Fern Valentine, MJE

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