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Scary days are becoming weeks and months


The principal of Timberland High School in Wentzville, Missouri, recently censored student articles on tattoos. Thursday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch posted an article about the censorship.  Quickly, reader comments mounted.

The principal indicated he thought everyone could grow from this.

We’re not sure what he has in mind as growth, but we’re certain school officials or some of those who commented have not mastered understanding citizen roles in a democracy. Or understanding how students learn.

Which creates another scary day in scholastic journalism.

The principal also said he “is responsible for judging content based on what’s appropriate for students in the school and whether it supports the mission of the school.”

School missions, though, usually have verbiage about building better citizens and encouraging civic involvement. And that is appropriate.

Sadly, by censoring, school officials do not accomplish the most crucial mission they say is important.

Read the Post-Dispatch article. Read the student article linked from it. Read the comments.

Then think about school missions again.

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