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Editors should conduct relationships with staff members in a fair and professional manner. By considering the program’s best interests above matters of personality, students will be able to work together in a positive and productive environment.

Social media post/question:

How can peer coaching may help staffers build positive relationships.


Teaching students work together is paramount to building the teamwork aspect of student media. By implementing coaching, editors empower staffers by further owning their work. 


Coaching asks journalists to use the skills they already know. In The Coaching Way, Chip Scanlon writes, “It’s valuable as well because it draws on two basic skills you as a journalist already possess: the ability to ask good questions and the ability to listen to the answers.”

By asking the editor to approach the story as a reader, Scanlon adds the editor must listen and have empathy. “The ability to identify with another person’s point of view and to communicate that understanding. It requires a range of other skills and qualities, too, such as flexibility, confidence, a willingness to experiment, a keen awareness of another’s situation, and a genuine desire to help someone else achieve his or her goals.” Using this in a student media also empowers the staffer and requires the editor not to take charge.

Scanlon addresses the benefits of coaching and shows the importance of learning:

“1. To make use of the knowledge and experience of the writer.

  1. To give the writer primary responsibility for the story.
  2. To provide an environment in which the writer can do the best possible job.
  3. To train the writer, so that editing will be unnecessary.”

By implementing this approach to editing, staffers should improve and editors can better question the content in the story.


The Coaching Way, Chip Scanlon, Poynter (More resources at the bottom of the article)

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