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Noteworthy views and events
on student expression questions


Three recent incidents involving  censorship make for interesting reading. Students, and advisers, can learn that not everyone agrees with such actions and that the best remedy for censorship is vigilance.

New Jersey – A local columnist sides with the students in censorship of story about students smoking cigarettes
• This policy needs a rewrite

• Pemberton students say district unfairly censoring newspaper

New Jersey students to appeal administrators’ censorship to school board

• The Lamp

Wisconsin – article about rape culture bring change in policy to prior review

• Principal requires approval of high school paper’s stories after rape culture article

• Reverse school guidelines determined buy principal regarding student publications – FDLSD Board Policy 9.1052

• Fond du Lac high schools protest new censorship mandate for school publication

• High school cracks down on student paper that published rape culture article

 • High school administration teaches student journalists valuable lesson: we will censor you early and often

Arkansas – yearbook censors profile of gay student

Arkansas high school administration censors yearbook profile of gay student

Students say profile on gay teen is removed from yearbook

• Sheridan high squelches yearbook profile of gay student


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