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Links to information about Overland Scout situation


Those interested in the censorship issue at Overland High in Colorado can follow the events by checking the sites below:


— As school backpedals, Colorado students still fighting newspaper censorship

Overland high school newspaper threatened with closure to survive after ACLU complaint

Colorado High School newspaper to shut down, principal didn’t like story about student death

• Denver Post

Overland High’s principal trying to stop the student presses

Overland principal not blocking student paper over content, district says


Colorado principal fires adviser, shutters newspaper

• Aurora Sentinel

Overland Scout staff protest principal’s moves

• Denver Daily News

A high school paper war

• Huffington Post

Colorado principal nixes student newspaper for knowing too much

• Miscellaneous pieces

Censorship 101: Angry Colorado principal shuts down high school paper

Scout article about the student’s death

Censor This Facebook page by Overland Scout students

45words comments

High School Newspaper

•  The Great Writ

• Fight for the Right to Write


Petition against censorship at Overland

The First Amendment blog



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