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Let’s play a game? Who is the editor? And why?


Recent events in a Virginia school system could lead to a new game: Who is the editor?

Over the summer school officials made the principal the editor of student publications and the adviser the co-editor. The school board followed recommendations of the Virginia School Boards Association.

So now for some questions in the game:

Q: What will students learn from this decision?

Q: What will the school community gain from this decision?

Q: What will communities related to the schools learn from this?

Q: What is the justification for such a move.

Q; What country and what era is this, really?

For a more information on this move, go here.

Or, as the SPLC wrote in its Legal Alert to its members, “Unless an outbreak of sanity strikes, student journalism at Fauquier High School officially died July 13 when the school district — without warning or input and, of course, while students were away — adopted its new policy appointing the principal as editor of the school’s newspaper. A newspaper with a principal as editor is a principal’s newspaper, not a student newspaper.”

To read the entire message, become a member of the SPLC.

Seems like a mighty strange game to me. One certainly not educational

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