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‘I just wrote that to get a grade:’
Students should write what they believe QT42



For opinion stories, students should stand behind what they write.

Key points/Action:

To ensure credibility, students should only write opinion stories that represent their beliefs. If, during the research phase, the student changes his or her mind, then the story should be reassigned or the content of the story be altered to reflect the change in view.


Credibility is everything in journalism. Give the reader the ability to trust what you say.


Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel wrote in “Elements of Journalism” about the importance of transparency and credibility.

“If nothing else, this responsibility requires that journalists be as open and honest with audiences as they can about what they know and what they don’t. How can you claim to be seeking the truth when you’re not truthful with the audience in the first place?”

Students should heed this advice. Students must be truthful with their audience in all stories they write regardless of the type.


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