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Handout: Foundations of journalism: Policy, procedure, guideline



Topic: _____________________________________________________________________

Part 1:

  1. Legal Considerations:


  1. Ethical Considerations:


  1. Terms to define (include definitions):


  1. Precedent(s) if applicable:


  1. Proposed wording:


Part 2:

  1. Look at the wording of the procedure or guideline. Highlight any red flag words or phrases. Circle any unclear information. Box any other problems.
  1. Is this a procedure or guideline? (circle)
  1. Why?


Part 3:

  1. Compare what you’ve written with a sample policy addressing the same topic. Write the policy name here:
  1. What is similar?


  1. What is different?


  1. What changes should be made? Rewrite as needed.


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