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Growing from SJ Week


Here’s hoping your Scholastic Journalism Week has been a good one.

Aiming at providing more support for scholastic media, the Scholastic Press Rights Commission started some good things for this week that will continue throughout the year:

Our Student Partners program, 45words, is accessible through the menu bar above.  With this program we hope to involve more students in the commission’s outreach and early alert of First Amendment issues. Student work and communication can also be accessed through their Facebook page and Twitter site. The commission created Student Partners as a way to help students connect with their peers to support, protect and spread awareness about the First Amendment.

• Ourpanic button”  to reach contacts when you, your students or administrators need assistance using an interactive map. The “panic button” is also available from the menu bar above.

• Our Lifelines legal and ethical terminology exists in case you need to know what a term means quickly. We will continue to update the terms throughout the year. The list is available from the menu bar above.

• A renewed commitment to serve JEA members and their school communities through available assistance, discussions of important news and information and quickly disseminating breaking news.

Happy Scholastic Journalism Week, and wishing that every week brings success.

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