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Establishing protocol terminology


How do you handle disagreement with administrators, especially if prior review or restraint are involved?

One way might be to establish a protocol, a process of discussing the situation with all stakeholders.

An early step in developing that a meaningful processw is to agree on definitions. We think the following terms need to be defined, and hopefully agreed on:

Responsibility. This would include responsibility for students, for advisers and for administrators. It most definitely must include journalistic responsibility.
• Journalism. Although this seems to be obvious, a common understanding of the process could address early demands for prior review. For example, is the process that follow prior review journalism? Is it public relations? Is it something else, and would defining terms before there are issues make a difference?
• Prior review. Maybe this needs definition just to find out what it is not. At any rate, what all parties think is review and what is not should be quite clear to all.
• Forum for student expression. Under which forum do your students operate?  Are all stakeholders aware of the types and the differences? Do they agree?

So, if you would, help us get a better picture of how you, as advisers, and your students, and even your administrators, define those terms. Post your comments here for others to see and share.

If can establish common ground, then perhaps we can move toward a workable protocol to avoid censorship.

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