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Don’t let us be misunderstood


These words from an Animals song – slightly changed to the plural – leave a message those facing censorship issues should think about over the summer.

Don’t give up; don’t be misunderstood.

Blatant censorship or its muted shape of prior review is still censorship.

And it has no place in the education business.

It can be fought. You can fight it and win. All of us – students, teachers, parents and administrators – can learn from those who continue to fight:

Letters from the ACLU and the SPLC has a Michigan district rethinking a planned move to prior review
• A Pennsylvania group of students fought planned policy changes and won. In the process they developed their own website and rallied the community.
• Washington students work to reverse change to review; lawyer says they helped change his views
• Washington teacher says action is better than reaction
• JEA takes strong position against prior review

Don’t let those who say censorship in education is acceptable misunderstand us: We will be heard and we will continue to work against its negative effects on school, community, and most importantly, on people’s lives.

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