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Another resource for teaching verification


Looking for a way to help students understand the importance of verifying information before they break stories – no matter which platform they use?

Check out NewsU’s Sources, Verification and Credibility self-directed course.

In the course you will study:

  • The characteristics of different forms of information, including news, advertising and public relations
  • How to identify different types of sources
  • How to evaluate the credibility of sources
  • How to assess the credibility of websites
  • Questions you should ask to ensure you’re publishing credible information.

As we saw this week, understanding the importance of verifying information and sources can be crucial to maintain credibility of our publications.

Like many of NewsU’s course, it is free. Like many of the courses, it is interactive.

* Note: So I am transparent, Candace Perkins Bowen developed the course.



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