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A chance to send a unique message about scholastic media and journalism


by Stan Zoller, MJE

What do our colleagues at school think of when it comes to journalism?  On May 3, World Press Freedom Day, we have the unique opportunity to let them know that scholastic journalists are not just students involved in a school media for fun.

They have the distinct privilege of practicing what the Obama Administration is imploring countries around the world to do — practice a free and responsible press.  With the bulk of the country’s practicing journalists scholastic journalists, we need to make administrators and teachers aware of the unique message sent by the SPLC and 39 other media and education organizations to the Obama Administration through a half-page ad in the April 15 editions of The Washington Post.

I will distribute a letter under the auspices of the Illinois Journalism Education Association, of which I am vice president, explaining the significance of the event in a letter.  I will distribute the letter to all faculty and staff members.  The Washington Post ad will be included.

If you would like a copy of the letter to customize for your school or to distribute to others in your area, you  can download it here.


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