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After SJW, what’s next?

26 Feb

By Meghan Morris What a week! The 45words members have seen some incredible things this week, from great photos to conversations on Twitter. Now that Scholastic Journalism Week is coming to a close, what’s next? That’s up to you. Hopefully, you’ve taken this week to re-energize your staff and get everyone pumped up for the […]

Appreciating our rights

25 Feb

By Zoe Newcomb These past few weeks, the news has been dominated by haunting headlines about violence and rebellion in countries around the world like Egypt and Libya. I’ve been both horrified by the senseless killing and inspired by the seemingly unrelenting spirit of people seeking simple freedom. But as a journalist, it was the […]

Feeling TAO pledge pride

23 Feb

Before today, I never thought I would be so proud to have clicked a button on a computer screen. Usually I expect a bit more from myself for this kind of pride, but submitting the TAO of Journalism pledge today is something that I’ll continue to be proud of–even if it was fast and easy […]

Take the pledge

22 Feb

Tomorrow [Feb. 23] is the designated “National TAO of Journalism Sign-up Day” as part of Scholastic Journalism Week. Why should student publications take the pledge? Short answer: free temporary tattoos for your staff, and the potential to win 45words swag! [more on that later] Longer, actual answer: Your publication–I hope–already practices the three TAO principles: […]

Kicking off SJW 2011

20 Feb

Every year, the Journalism Education Association (JEA) designates one week – seven glorious days – to recognize scholastic journalism and celebrate the fundamental freedoms that allow us to continue doing what we as journalists love to do. This year’s Scholastic Journalism Week (SJW), Feb. 20-26, takes on a special meaning given the turbulent circumstances abroad […]

Planning for Scholastic Journalism Week

11 Feb

Scholastic Journalism Week is a time to celebrate your staff and bring visibility to an often under appreciated [in my biased opinion] activity: student publications. 45words will participate with themed content every day, with topics ranging from the importance of Tinker & Hazelwood to getting kids excited about the First Amendment. In preparation for SJW, […]