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Learning from The Scout

30 Mar

In the weeks since first attacking the student newspaper, The Scout, at Overland High School in Aurora, CO, the administration has waffled between various excuses, explanations and accusations. The story in question, which paid tribute to a student’s death, was said to be too controversial. It wasn’t balanced. It wasn’t fit for a student newspaper […]

Appreciating our rights

25 Feb

By Zoe Newcomb These past few weeks, the news has been dominated by haunting headlines about violence and rebellion in countries around the world like Egypt and Libya. I’ve been both horrified by the senseless killing and inspired by the seemingly unrelenting spirit of people seeking simple freedom. But as a journalist, it was the […]

Planning for Scholastic Journalism Week

11 Feb

Scholastic Journalism Week is a time to celebrate your staff and bring visibility to an often under appreciated [in my biased opinion] activity: student publications. 45words will participate with themed content every day, with topics ranging from the importance of Tinker & Hazelwood to getting kids excited about the First Amendment. In preparation for SJW, […]

‘Making a Difference’ aims to bring credence to scholastic journalism

11 Jan

One of the biggest issues student journalists face when seeking acceptance as legitimate, independent news-gathers is their perceived lack of experience and talent. As such, they are all too frequently written-off by administrators, school boards and, sadly, even their own advisers at times as incompetent and incapable of crafting the serious reporting they need the […]