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Finding strength in numbers

30 Jul

When I sit down to write an article or type out an outline of a story idea, I always have my community in mind. I want my readers to be interested, my peers to be enlightened and my community to have a connection with my angle. I try to make my writing for my community. […]

Learning from The Scout

30 Mar

In the weeks since first attacking the student newspaper, The Scout, at Overland High School in Aurora, CO, the administration has waffled between various excuses, explanations and accusations. The story in question, which paid tribute to a student’s death, was said to be too controversial. It wasn’t balanced. It wasn’t fit for a student newspaper […]

The Knight-Errant student newspaper censored

12 Oct

This month, administrators at Benilde-St. Margaret school, a Catholic high school in Minnesota, censored a student column and staff editorial regarding the Catholic Church’s view on gay marriage. Earlier this month, Archbishop John C. Nienstedt mailed out a DVD to all Minnesotan Catholic households endorsing a constitutional ban on gay marriage. The column, which depicts […]