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Investigative reporting guide for student journalists

13 Nov

[View the story “Investigative reporting guide for student journalists” on Storify]

The perks of being part of a team

29 Apr

By Lavi Ben-Dor, 45Words Student Partner About a month ago, I nearly had a heart attack. I am the News Editor of The Spoke, my school’s newspaper, and I was working on a story looking at the recovery process for students who get concussions, as we had been noticing lots of people getting concussions to […]

Faith in America’s future restored at Inauguration

2 Feb

Faith in America’s future restored at Inauguration By Jenna Spoont, 45Words Student Partner   Golfer Walter Hagen once said, “Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit. So don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.” From Jan. 18 until Jan. 21, I soaked in the excitement, the beauty and the history […]

The use of anonymity

26 Dec

The use of anonymity By Jenna Spoont, 45Words Student Partner As the Managing Editor of my school’s newspaper, The Spoke, I coordinate and oversee the content of the newspaper. At The Spoke, we choose to cover hard-hitting, controversial stories because it is our obligation as journalists to report on what is happening in the community […]

Stay organized amid stressful situations

20 Apr

The year is wrapping up, and the HiLite staff is scurrying to complete its last issue, a whopper of 48 total pages, including inserts. With next year’s staff conceived, staff members are working ceaselessly to make a smooth transition to next year. Most of our staff would unhesitatingly say newspaper duties, compounded with finals and […]

Student tweets raise First Amendment questions

24 Feb

A few weeks ago, a student at my high school was suspended for tweeting a message that used expletives referring negatively toward a teacher. Two of our administrators who actively use Twitter saw the tweet, and suspended him for three days. This raised questions among students as to how far administrators can go in punishing […]

Murdoch scandal reminds high school journalists to be responsible, ethical

5 Aug

About a week ago, I was listening to a lecture at a journalism workshop in Indiana. In the middle of the presentation, one of the presenters said something I found intriguing. He said, “Don’t always use the word ‘professional’ to describe high school journalists. High school journalists are more responsible than many ‘professional’ journalists.” He […]

Finding strength in numbers

30 Jul

When I sit down to write an article or type out an outline of a story idea, I always have my community in mind. I want my readers to be interested, my peers to be enlightened and my community to have a connection with my angle. I try to make my writing for my community. […]

Stephanie Carey moves on despite setback from administration

18 Jul

For the second year in a row, Stephanie Carey will work in the school that took away the job she loves. Once the newspaper adviser for the Boonville Pirate Press, Carey was reassigned from all journalism-related teaching positions—including yearbook and a journalism 1 course—after a strung out controversy with the Boonville School District. Unable to […]

Covering the death of Osama bin Laden

4 May

After finishing an episode of my favorite TV show Sunday night, I was bracing myself for a mountain of homework when my dad’s phone rang. The call was from the newsroom of the Los Angeles Daily News, where my dad works as an editor, but unlike most stories, this news was spreading like wildfire across […]