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Making the most of San Francisco

12 Apr

Don’t lose your shoes and/or name-tag at the dance. Coming from personal experience, that’s the best advice I can give for the spring JEA/NSPA convention in this week. Trust me: your older editors, advisers and fellow roommates will not be happy when they have to get new room keys at midnight because of you. When […]

Learning from The Scout

30 Mar

In the weeks since first attacking the student newspaper, The Scout, at Overland High School in Aurora, CO, the administration has waffled between various excuses, explanations and accusations. The story in question, which paid tribute to a student’s death, was said to be too controversial. It wasn’t balanced. It wasn’t fit for a student newspaper […]

Celebrating Sunshine Week

16 Mar

Happy Sunshine Week! This week, spearheaded by the American Society of News Editors, is celebrated in professional newsrooms across the country as a way to “promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information.” Its purpose isn’t limited to paid journalists, however. The Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] is an invaluable […]

After SJW, what’s next?

26 Feb

By Meghan Morris What a week! The 45words members have seen some incredible things this week, from great photos to conversations on Twitter. Now that Scholastic Journalism Week is coming to a close, what’s next? That’s up to you. Hopefully, you’ve taken this week to re-energize your staff and get everyone pumped up for the […]

Appreciating our rights

25 Feb

By Zoe Newcomb These past few weeks, the news has been dominated by haunting headlines about violence and rebellion in countries around the world like Egypt and Libya. I’ve been both horrified by the senseless killing and inspired by the seemingly unrelenting spirit of people seeking simple freedom. But as a journalist, it was the […]

Protecting online media presence

24 Feb

As our world develops, so too do our technologies. As technologies develop, so too does journalism. And as journalism develops, so too must our scholastic press freedoms. Just in the last five years, an extraordinary shift has occurred in a large portion of the scholastic journalism world. Increasingly, more and more student school publications are […]

Feeling TAO pledge pride

23 Feb

Before today, I never thought I would be so proud to have clicked a button on a computer screen. Usually I expect a bit more from myself for this kind of pride, but submitting the TAO of Journalism pledge today is something that I’ll continue to be proud of–even if it was fast and easy […]

Take the pledge

22 Feb

Tomorrow [Feb. 23] is the designated “National TAO of Journalism Sign-up Day” as part of Scholastic Journalism Week. Why should student publications take the pledge? Short answer: free temporary tattoos for your staff, and the potential to win 45words swag! [more on that later] Longer, actual answer: Your publication–I hope–already practices the three TAO principles: […]

Keeping a healthy relationship

22 Feb

Maybe it’s all the revolution and protest in the Middle East. Maybe it’s all of the talk about fighting censorship and standing behind the First Amendment that comes with Scholastic Journalism Week. Or maybe it’s the rebellious teenager/journalist inside of me who wants to stand up against authority. Either way, all of this talk about […]

SJW First Amendment photo contest begins Feb. 21

20 Feb

Within the First Amendment, something amazing happens–millions of people are protected and so many things are said in just 45 words. Condensing the ability to give publications an honest voice and outlaw the persecution of the multitude of religious minorities in America is quite a feat in that amount of space. But we have an […]