After SJW, what’s next?

26 Feb

By Meghan Morris
What a week! The 45words members have seen some incredible things this week, from great photos to conversations on Twitter.

Now that Scholastic Journalism Week is coming to a close, what’s next? That’s up to you. Hopefully, you’ve taken this week to re-energize your staff and get everyone pumped up for the rest of the year.

You probably took the TAO pledge–if not, it’s not too late–and now you can spread the word about what you did. Send a note to your local paper, and invite them to take the pledge, too, and make sure your principal and administrators know about your commitment.

Keep up the energy of SJW by continuing to celebrate scholastic journalism. You can run PSAs from time to time that remind students of the importance of the First Amendment, and continue to teach lessons about press rights throughout the year. My reporters created projects for SJW that can be viewed on a class blog I set up last week; this project, described in an earlier blog post, can be replicated at any time in your lesson calendar.

What will you do to keep the SJW energy going? Comment, tweet or Facebook us!

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