Kicking off SJW 2011

20 Feb

Every year, the Journalism Education Association (JEA) designates one week – seven glorious days – to recognize scholastic journalism and celebrate the fundamental freedoms that allow us to continue doing what we as journalists love to do. This year’s Scholastic Journalism Week (SJW), Feb. 20-26, takes on a special meaning given the turbulent circumstances abroad (read partner Zoe Newcomb’s blog post regarding global journalism differences on Friday).

Recent news highlighting the censorship and heavy restrictions placed on journalism in other countries truly elucidates the importance of the First Amendment and media as a whole. SJW is designed to acknowledge the rich history and law predicating the current state of journalism as well as increase community and national awareness and respect for scholastic media.

We here at 45 words (both old and new Partners!) have worked diligently in the past few months to plan blog posts, contests, videos and more celebrating SJW and the 45 ever-important words that make it all possible.

Each day we will post new blogs from our Student Partners, covering topics such as the TAO of Journalism Pledge, online media, journalism around the world, support for journalism after SJW and, of course, the First Amendment.

In the true spirit of journalism, we will not confine ourselves to one media outlet. In addition to following our blog, be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook for new discussions, posts, quotes and ideas for additional ways to celebrate SJW. On that note, if you find yourself tweeting about SJW at any time (which you most definitely should) don’t forget to hashtag #sjw11. On Flickr, we will host a SJW photo contest for individuals, groups and staffs to submit their most creative photos embodying each of the First Amendment freedoms. Click here for the contest description and guidelines.

We hope this week helps spice up staff activity, encourage dialogue and bring awareness to the 45 words that allow scholastic journalism to operate effectively. Stick with us this week for new ways to celebrate and participate in SJW this year.

Click here to see a sample SJW project for your staff by Student Partner Meghan Morris.

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